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Please note that actual chart dates may have varried by a day or two for holidays.
Year End Top 40's(from the YearEnd Top 80/100 charts)
CKLW Hall of Fame (Part 1) 1955-70
CKLW Hall of Fame (Part 2) 1955-70

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As you can tell, i am more a fan of the late 60's charts then anything else.

So I have very little on the station itself or it's DJ's.
[This site has no connection with CKLW radio or their current owners CHUM Ltd.]

1967-70 covers the best years (IMHO) of CKLW.
Here is a list of songs played by CKLW during the 24 hour period on June 29th 1973.
CKLW had charts into the early eighties, but only 1 large copy or a 'fax' was given to each record store. I have a few but would like to get them all in one form or another(actual or photocopies) so they can be added to the site. If you have any, please contact me.

Sometimes a copy of the internal radio station survey was used. these often contained up to 100 songs. Only the top 30 is listed here if those sources were used. (The early 60's charts also listed up to 70 songs, I only use the top 30 when posted)

Thanks to Bob R, who's software made entering these survays a whole lot easier......(he can be found in the news group)
and thanks to those who've sent in some of the missing surveys or have sent in corrections - i hopefully have corected/updated them.
If you use any of the charts on this site, please give credit to the site for providing the survays and to The Big 8/CKLW for producing them.

For more on CKLW, visit ROCK RADIO Scrapbook's CK Page.

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