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"People have always been fascinated by charts. The rationale behind
this fascination is hard to ascertain. Perhaps they represent a
manifestation of man's preoccupation with imposing order upon a
seemingly chaotic world. Or maybe they are simply one dimension of our
longtime infatuation with factual trivia. Still, the fact remains that
charts have meaning to a significant number of individuals in our
George Albert
Preface, The Cashbox Singles Charts

Places to find more classic music and charts


Airheads Radio Survey Archive
Go Set Charts (AU)
Every UK Hit
Australian Charts (modern)
RPM 1964-2000 Canadain National Charts
Swedish Charts
OLDIES LOON Surveys from a Few Classic Stations
KHJ Boss Radio - A Look Back
NY RADIO SURVEYS (WABC (1960-82), WMCA (57-70), WMGM (1956-62)
Philly Surveys
CHUM Memorial Blog
Man from Mars A few surveys & airchecks (for sale)
Motor City Flashback
Bay Area Music Museum

Radio & Chart related sites:

US Label 45 Discographies
US Label Album Discographies
CKLW - THE BIG EIGHT-OHArticles & Message Board (not being updated)
WKNR - KEENER 13 (has charts borrowed from ct30.com!!!)
Alaska Jim'sLinks to everything Top 40 charts.
Boss Radio Forever History of the Boss of Boss Radio 93/KHJ LA
Detroit Radio Flashbacks
Back When Radio Was Boss
Airchecks at Reel RadioRequires Membership

Satisfaction 440 Radio People - Where are they now
KHJFM BOSS 30 (oldies station chart/monthly
Mel's Internet World Mel's favorites of then and now.
Dereks Daily 45's (not being updated)
45 Catalog / Archive
So Many Records, So Little Time
Jukebox Joint
Boss Radio dot Net (Portland Oldies Radio Station)
Rock Lists Various Publication "Lists"
(one of the more interesting features is Banned recordings by the BBC)
Radio Logo Land Purchace T-shirts with Logo's of Days Gone By Radio Giants.......

A few Re-issue Record Labels
Please note: I don't update this page as much as i should - maybe once a year, so a few of these sites may have moved or have vanished......well, thats the internet!