The first thing to keep in mind, that this is all for fun.

The 'Hits' here are only hits in our virtual world. There is no connection to what was, is, or might be popular to the music industry. For all the songs that they played then, a small percentage is now call 'oldies'.

So for those who grew up in the sixties, viewing the page is like walking in to a record store and picking up the locally published Top 30 chart. Your presented with the Top songs of the moment. You could buy all of those songs on those round little platters of plastic for under a dollar.

In the decade of the 60's there was 6896 songs that graced the Billboard Top 100. 1500 less entered in the 70's. (By the time of the digital 90's only 3440 made the charts, half of what charted in the 60's). Oldies Radio plays only a fraction of the songs, and very few are played that didn't grace the national top 40. So there is alot of forgotten music, especilly local hits.

While the length of a song on a 45 was usually two & a half to 4 minutes, there were hits, that were very short (Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs "Stay" clocked in at 1:36) and very long (The Beatles "Hey Jude" was 7:11)

The Classic Top 30 Chart is dedecated to the glory years of the 45rpm record 1955-1990.

The rules for the Classic Top 30 are simple: Vote for Your Favorite Oldies and have fun......
Your best bet is to pick songs on the current chart, but we also take requests.

Songs need to have been released between 1950 and 1990 and a publicly availble "single" (in either 45 or 78 format). *Promo records, CD singles or digital only singles will not be considered*.


A few songs recieved heavy airplay and charted on some local radio station charts while never being OFFICIALY RELEASED as a single. These songs will not be charted.

  • Only 1 Song per Artist will be charted in each weeks Classic Top 30. (positions 1-31) but solo performances will be not counted as part of the group. (This was to keep away from a all Beatles or Elvis Top 30)
  • Bubbling Under & Hitbounds will be uncharted songs below the Top 30 who have not been on the Top 30, or who's weeks on the chart were 5 or less and have been off the charts for 5 or more weeks. The number of songs listed can be up to 20, but only positions 32-40 may be numbered. The order of the rest will have no relationship to its "position on the chart!!!!".
  • The Same Song by Different Artists can be charted on the same chart. (Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix & Purple Haze by Dion)

    If you suggest a new title and do not also list the artist, I will pick which artist (or song of the same title) that I know of. If I know of more than one, they might all be listed. (Gloria by Them or Shadows of Knight, Gloria by the Channels & Gloria by Laura Branigan)

    Note: The Maximum life of a song on the CTT will be 13 weeks. After week 10 on the chart, a song will recieve a reduction in value, to simulate a natural decline.

    The rules for Classic LP will be:

    • Albums of material from the 50's through the 80's - the vinyl 33 RPM record era.

    • The length of the list is 31 albums.
    • Any number of Albums by the same artist can make the chart. [rule changed 2002]
    • Weeks are not counted for albums

    • You may vote for up to 3 albums.

      Send a email each week to the address below with your picks by Satuarday 6pm EST

      [email me]
      Try to format your songs and albums as follows

      1. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
      2. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys
      N3. Selling England by the Pound - Genesis

      (if it is a song not listed on the current chart, add a N or New before the number to make it easier for me to notice)

      Check each week for a new Classic Top 30 (usually published on Sunday morning)