Welcome to Classic Top 30 (CT30.COM)

This is the 4th redesign of the CT30 homepage. A long time ago, I had taken to typing in data from Top 30 charts into Notepad to make them easier to share on message boards, before scanners and graphic websites became popular. As the web grew, my coding skills did not, and thus is a very sloppy site, with content in differert styles and layouts.


This site was originaly created to honor and preserve the history of 45rpm records that were played on the radio stations that I listened to in California and in Detroit

The 45

RCA Victor unveiled the 45 RPM record in March of 1949 and the era of the 45s lasted for 40 wonderful years.

Please note:

a couple of people have taken some of the chart data from this site and have put it in ebook with content lifted from other sites and have been selling them on Amazon. Please do not buy them. They never asked to use the data, from this site or many from the many others that they lifted material from.